Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Welcome to the ONU Family

As you all know, Boo went back to 4Paws for Ability to get additional training. When she went back, we got a new puppy named Rossco. Rossco is a six-month-old golden-lab. He comes from the Mascots litter. He has eleven siblings and his parents are River Tam and Bodi. Rossco is adorable. It was heartbreaking to give Boo back, but having Rossco helps. He was at Ohio Northern for about a week as a temporary puppy while Saber was getting spayed. He is now a permanent ONU pup. Rossco has a big personality. He loves to snuggle and he loves people. We went to Ada Elementary last Thursday to have kids read to the puppies, and he did great! I enjoyed being around the kids. He kept wanting to climb into their laps, sniff their books, or lick their toes. Rossco also really loves to snuggle. My co-handlers and I are always seen petting him and having him lay with us when we are in our rooms. Rossco is known as the puppy who doesn't walk on campus, but we are starting to fix that. Treats are very helpful during this process. Rossco is smart and he is starting to learn what to do. He'll be my summer project since he will be my summer foster. We will have to learn how to hold commands and learn some new ones. I'm very excited to work with him and I hope he thinks the same. All I can say is 'Welcome to the ONU family, Rossco'!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Goodbye Boo

I don't know how many of you know, but Boo had to go back to 4Paws for Ability for additional training. It wasn't easy when my co-handlers and I were told the news. She was an amazing dog to have around and we weren't expecting it. We learned it on April 19, which meant we had five days to say our goodbyes to her. She finished her last classes with me on Thursday and completely finished with my co-handlers on Friday.

 On Saturday, we took her to the Columbus Zoo to give her one last day of fun with us. She seemed to have an amazing time while we were there. We started off by seeing the baby polar bears. She was very excited when Aurora came up to her and was looking at her through the glass. Boo took having a polar bear in her face like a champ. When we were wandering around, the North American part, the animals were very curious of Boo and Boo didn't care one bit. She only really cared about seeing on animal and it was the wolverine. She was too short to look into the exhibit so I ended up picking her up so she could see.

We headed to Asia and she still didn't care too much about any of the animals. Though the leopard was very curious of her and tried to follow us. We then moved on to go see everything in the Africa portion of the zoo. The cheetahs there kept trying follow her when we started to walk away. When we got to some of the monkeys, they were very curious of her. They all just stared at her, and she just stared back. She did really well with the lions also.

We then moved on to Congo. She had the most fun there. The monkeys are either very curious of dogs or they don't like them at all. I know we had a bunch staring us down and we also had some come up to the glass and pound on it. She always had fun staring at them and that's when we finished our day. She really had a fun time and was so tired at the end of it that she slept the entire way back to campus.

On Sunday, she had her big day. We had to drive to Xenia to give her back for good. Before going to 4Paws, we stopped at Wright Sate University to play at their service dog park. She had a lot of fun and I was able to get a lot of nice pictures of her. My co-handlers and I were able to take photos with her to try and show her growth over the past seven months. She's gotten pretty big. When we got to 4Paws, we said our goodbyes and watched her head out. It was heart-breaking but, she's off to go do amazing things. I wish her the best of luck and I hope she finds her forever home soon.

Internal Communications: What Your Employees Think, Say, and Do

Employees are key to making a business run. As a business, you want to know how internal communication is. Listed below are seven steps you can take to get an internal communications measurement program in place.

  1. Understand the Environment and Where They Really Get Information
    • How are messages getting to employees and what are they?
    • What channels or vehicles do employees trust?
    • What's important to them?
    • What do they think about the organization today?
  2. Agree on Clear, Measurable Goals
    • You need to understand the vision, objectives, and messages that senior management wants to communicate and what they expect of HR and your communications effort
  3. Select a Benchmark to Compare To
    • You need something to compare your results to
  4. Define the Criteria of Success
    • Decide what truly defines your success, and where you commit to achieving specific goals
  5. Select Your Measurement Tools and Collect Data
    • The tools that will provide the data and statistics you use to evaluate and compare programs are surveys, media content and message analysis, and web analytics
  6. Analyze and Take Action
    • Your data needs to be counted, evaluated, and categorized according to type, effectiveness, messages communicated and, so forth
  7. Make Changes to Improve Employee Relationships
    • You need to make the change happen
To improve internal communication within your business you should follow along with these seven steps.

Communication Through Social Media

Social media is huge in everyday life and is used constantly for communication between people and groups. Social media communication has saved me so many times from so many things. One of my most recent communication opportunity that I've been able to have was through 4Paws for Ability. I don't know how many of you know but, Boo had to go back to 4Paws for good. She is going to get additional training in a traditional fostering home. When my co-handlers and I learned about this, we immediately jumped on to social media. 4Paws has Facebook groups so everyone in the program can keep up with each other, ask questions and, share puppy photos. When we got on Facebook, we started to look through all the puppy photo trying to figure out which puppy we would want. The plan was to get a puppy from Wright State University that was over or about a year old. This Facebook page had allowed us to go and see why kind of puppy we would have the honor of getting. We were able to look through their Facebook page and see the puppies' personalities and what they were like. Later, when we hear where Boo got placed in her traditional home, we will be trying to use Facebook to get a hold of her new home. Most traditional fosters are on the Facebook page and it allows for the college fosters and the traditional fosters to communicate. If they have questions, we can answer them and, vice versa. Communication throughout this organization is key and having social media helps immensely.